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Update on Summer 2021 bookings

Please read before booking at Ettie's Field

We are now accepting bookings commencing no earlier than 12th April 2021

**You must have your own facilities. Our bathrooms are not legally allowed to open until the 17th May at the earliest**

**Please do not travel to Ettie’s Field if you or any of your party are showing signs of Covid-19**






  • Contactless Checkin-


  • The phone number you provided at booking has been added onto the gate system, please call the gate number 07947163243 on arrival at the gate and it will open. 

  • You call the gate number on entry and departure of Ettie’s Field.


  • When you have driven through the gate & just past the Clubhouse, look to your left you will see the pink pigeon holes on the blue wall, please look for your name, there is a bag containing your pitch details.


  • Toilets, Showers, Elsan & Dish Washing Area- CLOSED UNTIL 17TH MAY AT THE EARLIEST

  • These are used at your own risk


  • PLEASE leave a 2 metre social distance when waiting for the bathrooms, Elsan & dish washing area.

  • The toilets, showers, Elsan & dish washing area will be open but these are to be used at your own risk. 

  • If you have your own facilities PLEASE use them.

  • PLEASE use hand sanitiser provided when entering the bathrooms.

  • PLEASE wipe down all surfaces with cleaning products provided and dispose of the wipes in the bin provided.

  • PLEASE think of your fellow campers & Ettie's Field Family

  • The bathrooms & Elsan will be closed to guests at-

  • 11am-12pm

  • Ettie’s Field staff will clean the bathrooms, dish washing area & Elsan at these times everyday & spot checked throughout the day, we have full PPE.

  • The bathrooms will be fogged using Stay Safe every Wednesday, this sanitises the room for 7 days.

  • The compost loos will remain closed to guests due to staff having to handle waste.


  • Other facilities-


  • The Clubhouse will remain closed to guests until the 21st June at the earliest.


  • The Boho-tique-


  • PLEASE use hand sanitiser provided before entering the Boho-tique.This will be run by appointment only & one person allowed at a time. You must wear a mask. Only reserve a slot if you want to purchase items.

  • Please only touch what you want to buy.

  • There will be 3 appointments per day.

  • 12pm

  • 2pm

  • 4pm

  • Please call Linds on 07817543972 prior to your stay to reserve a spot.


  • Animals


  • PLEASE use the hand sanitiser before & after touching the donkeys, goats & Highland Cows.

  • Goats are very similar to humans and can carry a number of human infections. 


  • PLEASE keep a 2 metre social distance on all areas of Ettie’s Field.

  • PLEASE do not let your children wander Ettie’s Field unaccompanied 

  • No visitors allowed 


  • If you or a member of your party feel unwell and show signs of Covid-19 whilst at Ettie’s Field please leave as soon as possible and ring Linds (07817543972) so the correct cleaning procedure can be carried out.


  • In an emergency please call Linds on 07817543972


  • You won’t see much of us as we will be distancing ourselves.

  • This is a very different way for us at Ettie’s and hopefully we can get back to the Ettie’s Field you all know and love very soon but until then all of us must abide by the rules and keep everyone safe. Anyone not doing this will be asked to leave.

  • Thank you for visiting Ettie’s and enjoy your stay

  • Ettie’s Field Family xxx

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